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Many times we think we need to move to an English speaking country to improve our English.

After my own experience of studying languages, studying linguistics and my own experience of teaching my students and watching many other friends and clients, I’ve seen again and again that you do not need to live in the local country to develop your speaking skills.

In today’s episode I share how you can develop your English speaking skills without living abroad or having many opportunities to speak.

I also share some of the biggest mistakes that I have made living abroad and what I have learned teaching clients from all over the world who believed that they needed to move abroad to develop their fluency, and what happens when you are taken out of an English speaking environment.

Times to check out:

(01:57) This is what happens when I stop trying

(06:16) Language learner’s number one enemy

(8:55) Why comprehension is not enough as a Design Professional

(11:00) I could have had a very different experience

(15:27) The harsh truth

(18:17) What happens when you move back home

(21:00) Create the opportunity

If you would like more support with communicating your ideas and you’d like to build your confidence in speaking as a non-native English speaker and get support from me, then get your name on The Fluent Club waiting list. It is the last chance to join in 2022 so if you have been considering it, NOW is the time. It won’t be opening again until 2023 and the price will be increasing.

Don’t let not living in an English speaking country or not working for an English speaking company or not having many opportunities to speak or not having English speaking friends be the reason that stops you from making progress.

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WHO AM I: I’m Gemma Keeling, Founder, and CEO at Fluent Speakers. With a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from The University of Oxford, and an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language, I have extensive training and expertise in education. I have travelled extensively and worked in many different societies and cultures. I coach digital design and tech professionals to improve their communication skills in English.

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