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Delivering bad news is one of the most difficult parts of being a design or tech leader.

When we deliver bad news we can receive backlash and you might have had some negative experiences in the past of when you have had to deliver some bad news. You might be the one delivering the bad news, but you aren’t necessarily responsible for it.

For many working in Design and Tech, challenging news is likely a very common occurrence. It might be that you are given a new deadline and have a lot less time than you had anticipated, you might have received news that there is going to be an impact in the scope of the project, or they have had to make budget cuts. It might mean that you have to lay off team members.

In today’s episode I am sharing how you can deliver bad news in a professional and authentic way that builds trust and shows respect, as well as what to consider and what to avoid so you don’t make things worse.

Times to check out:

(02:50) Preparing for delivery

(04:40) Check in with yourself

(06:55) Timing

(08:23) Location

(13:17) Delivery

(18:30) Top tips

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