In todays episode I am answering some big questions when it comes to language learning. Firstly, what does it really mean to be fluent in a language?
Can we ever reach a level of fluency in English? 
Are my language skills getting worse?
What can I do to improve my language skills? 
This episode shares lots of insight into current language research and what that means for maintaining our language and stepping outside of our comfort zones. My own experience of learning Arabic was not a unique one. I was excited to learn a complex and interesting language. I downloaded all the apps and got hold of as many resources as I could find. After a few months of learning, I felt quite confident with the progress I was making. But then, I hit a wall. I felt like my language skills were getting worse… 
This experience encouraged me to research language motivation, language attrition and language fossilisation. I define what is means to be fluent in a language and what makes it so complicated? I touch on reasons why I hit a language plateau while learning Arabic and why this might be happening to you. I share my top strategies to improve your language skills and keep momentum even when you stop taking classes. 
Times to check out: 
  • (2:03) What is fluency? 
  • (3:00) Types of fluency
  • (10:35) My experience of learning Arabic
  • (13:34) Reasons why it feels like your language skills are getting worse
  • (19:20) What you can do you improve your language skills
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My top strategies for continued learning 
Book recommendations (mentioned in the episode)  
The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything=Have Everything – Neil Pasricha  
My favourite way to read in English and books in foreign languages is on the Kindle: 
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