The Fluent Club

The Fluent Club for Design and Tech Professionals 

Reach a higher level of fluency, express yourself confidently, and grow as a professional in a fun, supportive environment with like-minded people. 

Grow your confidence

As a Design or Tech Professional, your ability to speak up, present with confidence and communicate well is key to career success. 

You may be incredible at what you do but if you unable to articulate your ideas with confidence and clarity, defend your position, get team buy-in and connect with international colleagues and stakeholders, it will hold you back from opportunities, being recognised and reaching your full potential!

Grow your confidence

The good news is you can develop the skills to become more confident with your communication.

Hey there! I’m Gemma 

I teach design and tech professionals the steps to language fluency and communication confidence so they can express themselves with ease.

Over the past 13 years, my approach has helped 1000’s of students and professionals build their communication confidence, language and fluency.

After completing a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at The University of Oxford, I moved to Mexico. At the time I was working for and advising leading educational companies in China and working with business professionals from all kinds of backgrounds. 

It was clear that despite being top talent, many professionals were losing out on job opportunities and promotions because of their English language skills and communication confidence which is why I founded Fluent Speakers.

Working with designers and tech professionals from more than 25 countries in a range of industries and companies, offering training to Start-ups in Brazil and Spain and Government departments in Singapore, ranging from CTO’s and Tech Leads, UX/UI Designers to Software Engineers, I understand what it takes to become a confident fluent speaker and succeed in the industry. 

You’ve got this!

No matter how frustrated or far away you are feeling right now from reaching the level of fluency you desire, I’ve helped even the most shy and nervous professionals overcome self-doubt, and figure out how to articulate their ideas and decisions with clarity.

I have found there is a five step process for Design and Tech professionals to go from feeling judged, ashamed using English and scared of not having the right words in an interview to building their professional language skills so they can confidently saying yes to more opportunities and feel satisfied using English in their role and life.

You got this

And the results speak for themselves… 

And now, I’d like to share The Fluent Club with you

Whether you are a CTO, front or backend developer, product manager, UX/UI or any type of digital designer…

The community isn’t limited to certain jobs – you might not be working in these areas right now but if you are planning on that in the future, then we’d love to have you.

OR you want to learn phonology (pronunciation), build your vocabulary, use better structures to express yourself, build your speaking, writing, grammar, reading and listening skills, sound more natural and fluent in English.

OR you aren’t too keen on traditional ways of learning, perhaps you have only ever acquired English through video games and watching TV… this is the place for you. You are mostly self-taught and it’s been that way with your communication skills in English, too. The training in the community will be suitable for a flexible schedule and tailored to your own personal roadmap to success.

OR you are actively looking for a new position or plan to do that in the next few months (maybe even the next year or two). You feel nervous having to interview in English or you can never really express yourself in the best way during the interview.

OR you consider yourself to be a lifelong learner and love being able to refine your skills. You are always looking for new ways to understand problems and find solutions and are excited about doing that in a community with like-minded professionals.

So, what is The Fluent Club? 

The Fluent Club is a membership community that will support you to develop your English language and give you the confidence and communication skills to successfully work with international companies and clients FASTER and EASIER! 

The Fluent Speakers Success Path

Fluent Speakers Success Path

Look forward to all this every month inside…

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Fluent Club Masterclass

01 Fluent Club Masterclass

Having taught 100’s of Designers and Tech Professionals, I understand the topics and areas that will get you the fastest results to support you in your English language and communication skills that are specific for your role and life… and that’s exactly why we are introducing Fluent Club Masterclasses. 

Masterclasses are live group sessions on Zoom that deep dive into areas such as Using English in a global environment, telling your story in an interview, story telling, structuring arguments, Common reasons for miscommunication and how to avoid it and so much more.

We record all sessions so you can watch, listen and learn at your convenience.

02 Video Trainings 

Video trainings are designed to give you the chance to make the most progress, in your own time. As a busy professional, you don’t always have the time to attend live sessions or know what areas you need to focus on to get the results you really need. 

Consume the trainings whenever and wherever you like. The best part… the trainings are tailored to you based on where you are in the stage of your journey.  

Video Trainings

03 Fluent Success Guides

Each month we’ll share guides to consolidate learning which allow you to make the most progress in your communication and language skills. 

These guides give you essential vocabulary, language structures, better ways to express yourself and important insights to consider for using English in the workplace and in your life. 

04 Fluency Practice Sessions

There’s no better way to develop your communication and English skills than to connect with the community. 

Community networking events are fun, laid back informal sessions where you can network, connect and get to know fellow Fluent Club members. 

Online Community
Project Shares

05 Project Shares

Got an important presentation coming up?… Or perhaps you have started a new project and are nervous to share your ideas with stakeholders… 

I understand how scary it can be to have to speak and present in a foreign language and whether you are using English at work every day or are hoping to have your first interview in English, the project shares give you a chance to get those nerves out the way. I am here to help you make progress and get REAL results.

Project shares are your chance to share about projects, or presentations that you have coming up and get insight and feedback from myself and other Fluent Club members in a safe environment.

06 The Fluent Club Community

Having support from other like-minded professionals in a community makes ALL the difference. 

In our private group community, you’ll be supported and have the chance to practice and connect with peers from all over the world. 

Whether it’s to share your experiences, ask for advice or because you don’t have much opportunity for daily practice… you will be able to connect with each other to learn, improve and build a more global relationship network but also have the tools, strategies, and resources to help you reach communication confidence in English. 

The Fluent Club Community

Plus, Get These Incredible Bonuses!


The Fluent Club includes: 

Live Monthly Masterclasses that deep dive into topics specifically to get the best results for Design and Tech Professionals 

Video trainings that are tailored to you based on where you are in the stage of your journey – consume them whenever and wherever you like!

Fluent Club Success Guides to consolidate learning and make the most progress with your communication and language skills. 

Community networking events to network, connect and get to know fellow Fluent Club members. 

Project shares to practice talking and presenting your ideas and get feedback and insight in a safe and supporting environment. 

The Fluent Club Community to connect with each other while learning, improving and building a more global relationship network. 

Bonus guides and resources to kickstart your language and learning right away! 

All this for only $25 a month


$225 for the year (Get 3 months free)

We are a community of Designers and Tech professionals from more than 12 countries. 

We are excited to have you join us!

If your goal within the next year is to speak English fluently, prepare for interviews and get promoted so you can work on international projects and with international teams, then you don’t want to miss the chance to join The Fluent Club!

Wait, I have questions…

Will I get access to Gemma in The Fluent Club? 

Yes! Fluent Club members have exclusive support and access to Gemma. During live sessions and trainings you can also ask questions and get feedback from her.

Content and training materials are all created by Gemma which follow her proven framework and the latest research methodologies.

How long is the commitment to The Fluent Club?

The best way to get the most out of The Fluent Club experience is to join for the year. 

This is an ongoing commitment, but if something comes up or you find that The Fluent Club isn’t right for you, that’s okay. If you are confident that you’d like to cancel your membership, just submit a request to our team at [email protected] 

What’s the cancellation policy for The Fluent Club?

For the annual subscription we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. 

After that date you can email [email protected] to request a cancellation of your annual renewal the following year, but there will be no refund or prorated refund for your annual fee.

To cancel your monthly subscription just make the request at least 1 day before your next billing cycle and your access to the content and community will be revoked on your next billing date and no further fee will be collected.

How long do I retain access to The Fluent Club content (i.e., membership content)?

Access to content is based on your membership status. If you are a member in good standing, you have access to the content and the membership benefits. If you decide to cancel, you would then lose access to the content and all the benefits that come with being a member.

I have a very busy schedule, what is the time commitment needed?

When it comes to developing your professional and communications skills, it is important to dedicate time each week to developing your skills. But I also understand that you have a very busy schedule and a lot going on…

This is why The Fluent Club has been created in a way that is suitable for even the busiest of professionals. Content and materials are carefully created and suggested based on your needs so you can get the most results, in the limited amount of time.

What time do the events and sessions take place?

We are a community from all over the world which means we have different time options of different events to suit your time and location.

If you are unable to make any of the live sessions, all of the events and materials are added to your members area – which is hosted in Searchie. You’ll be able to access the content and materials at any time of day.