Why is it so difficult to make new vocabulary words stick in our brains? The working memory is crucial when it comes to learning and acquiring vocabulary.

Like a memory card or your iPhone, our working memory holds a limited amount of information. It has a limited capacity. There comes a point where you will get a warning to delete files and photos – in this case the new vocabulary word you just learned!

If you struggle with learning new vocabulary in English or want to be able to implement easy strategies that work based on research then you’ll enjoy today’s episode.I am sharing 3 ways to remember vocabulary and how we can use working memory strategies to enhance English vocabulary learning.

Times to check out:

(02:00) Do I have a good or bad memory?

(5:40) What does memory have to do with vocabulary?

(07:27) Can we expand our working memory to better learn language?

(08:27) Growing your vocabulary in your first language

(12:49) Chunking and why you need to do it

(14:41) Imagery, stories and associations

(16:41) Keep it weird and you’ll never forget it

(19:41) Do nothing!?

(23:04) 30 is the magic number

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