Why do we sometimes forget our words?

Why do we feel pressure when speaking in English?

Why do we freeze up and our mind goes blank?

Do you ever find you lose your words when you have to speak English?

For me, this happens in English and in foreign languages. The words are at the tip of your tongue but they seem to run away. It can also be that you want to join a conversation and go to say something and nothing comes out. So you say oh sorry forget it, my mind has gone blank. Or you might say… sorry I’ve lost my words. Or you might say I can’t find the thingamajig…

In today’s episode I am talking all about handling situations where you have to speak English under pressure. I discuss reasons why we feel pressure speaking, in our first and in foreign languages and some of the challenges that being a bilingual speaker can bring.

I am also sharing a free PDF guide with the top tips of how to think on your think, speak under pressure and the main takeaways from todays episode.

Check out the latest free guide to accompany this episode: Speaking English Under Pressure – Your Guide to Thinking On Your Feet and Handling Difficult Speaking Situations Even When you Forget Your Words!

Times to check out:

(2:53) Where’s my thingumabob whachamacallit?

(5:26) We all forget words?!

(8:38) Panic… oh no I am panicking!

(11:51) Our perception and past performances.

(14:14) Preparation and surprise.

(17:07) Speaking a foreign language makes you tired.

(19:33) I am worried I am saying it wrong.

(20:35) Top tips to equipped you to think on your feet and speak English under pressure.


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