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When it comes to delivering a talk or presentation, the closing is one of the most difficult parts.

It’s the last thing that your audience hears and remembers.

It doesn’t matter how strong you started or how well you used storytelling and shared interesting data, facts, and information if you have a shaky ending.

But how can you summarise information and finish stronger?

In this week’s episode I am sharing how you can summarise your ideas in your presentations to entertain, inspire, educate, and motivate your audience. I share the step-by-step progress of how you can summarise your ideas and information and give a killer call to action.

Times to check out:

(03:04) Putting your presentation together

(05:28) What is a summary?

(07:31) Using storytelling when summarising

(09:23) Decisions to make for your summary

(11:38) The process to summarise

(14:20) Ending on a high

(16:46) Why use a strong call to action

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