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No one can or should do this alone.

Today I am interviewing Rosie Yeung, President and Founder of her own company, Changing Lenses. Rosie is a Coach, Speaker, Educator, and Podcaster for Justice, Equity, Decolonisation and Inclusion (JEDI). She helps people with privilege dismantle systemic inequity, while helping people without privilege survive it. Her life goal is to reduce social inequity and discrimination, especially in wealth, race, and gender.

Rosie shares her own story as a Chinese-Canadian, immigrant, cis-straight female. We discuss some very deep and complex topics around systemic racism and inequity as well as language loss and assimilation. We touch on language equality, the advantages of English and being an English speaker as well as what this means in recruitment, business, and your life.

Times to check out:

(1:05) Rosie’s background

(5:17) A holistic approach

(6:46) Becoming a JEDI

(10:25) Surviving privilege

(13:05) The advantages of being a native English speaker

(16:14) Experiencing assimilation

(19:50) My heart is being pulled (English vs world languages)

(21:11) What happens when you lose your language

(23:15) I am smart in my first language, I promise!

(28:37) How to stop apologising for your level of English

(30:45) Being rushed when speaking

(36:45) Hiring international talent

(43:47) Becoming aware of bias and the questioning the system

(48:08) Do you really need all of these qualifications?

(58:40) Jobs descriptions and the hiring process

(1:03:17) What we can learn from Gandhi

(1:08:38) An important message

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