One Year Anniversary Special

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365 days… 52 Episodes… 78 countries… 1000’s of downloads and one year of The Design of Communication! Today is an extra special day and episode. Not only are we celebrating one year of the Design of Communication Podcast, we also celebrating and welcoming in new member’s to The Fluent Club!

I thought what better way to celebrate than to share 7 of my favourite episodes For Communication Fluency. These episodes have been selected because they all focus on important parts of speaking, fluency and communication skills.

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Times to check out:

(4:04) How I can further support you

(08:44) Addressing common myths and mistakes

(11:11) Opening up to you about language anxiety

(12:22) Communication breakdowns when sharing ideas

(13:14) We all want some kind of magic solution

(14:40) Speaking with a conversation expect

(17:23) Emotions and experiences

(18:19) BEST strategies for a higher level of proficiency

If your goal within the next year is to speak English fluently, prepare for interviews and get promoted so you can work on international projects and with international teams, then you don’t want to miss the chance to join The Fluent Club!

The Fluent Club Community is now open for a limited time period!

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Mentioned in the episode: 

Julie Crenshaw – Your Conversation Expert 





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