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Stage 1 – Unlock your language

Stage 2 – Enhance your communication

Stage 3 – Build your professional skills

Stage 4 – Skyrocket your career

Stage 5 – Refine your advanced skills

This is The Fluent Speakers Success Path. 

This framework has been developed over the last 13 years and has since helped 1000’s of students and professionals build their communication confidence, language and fluency.

In today’s episode, I share the exactly how you develop, build, implement and refine your professional speaking skills so you can go from insecure and overwhelmed with using English to feeling confident with your advanced communication and speaking with fluency and ease.

Times to check out:

(01:47) How it all started

(3:05) Children are better at speaking than adults?!

(05:40) Why the first professionals I ever worked with were able to make HUGE progress

(07:55) Flawed methodologies and curriculums

(09:47) Latest research not reaching the classrooms

(11:47) It wasn’t only their English level holding them back

(14:10) What designers taught me

(16:16) A good place to start

(19:00) The most important key to growth

(20:53) Don’t ignore this step

(23:12) Moving 100% to English

(25:02) I don’t even want to speak English

(27:10) Keep learning and refining

If your goal within the next year is to speak English fluently, prepare for interviews and get promoted so you can work on international projects and with international teams, then you don’t want to miss the chance to join The Fluent Club!

The Fluent Club Community is now open! 

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WHO AM I: I’m Gemma Keeling, Founder, and CEO at Fluent Speakers. With a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from The University of Oxford, and an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language, I have extensive training and expertise in education. I have travelled extensively and worked in many different societies and cultures. I coach digital design and tech professionals to improve their communication skills in English.

? GET IN TOUCH: If you are interested in finding out how we can work together in 2022 then send an email to [email protected] or send me a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram with the word ‘2022’ and I will send the information on how we can do it.