Many times we can feel like a different person in English.

I am often told by Designers and Tech Professionals that they don’t feel as smart in English as they do in their first language. That they are less charming, less charismatic and less conversational.

A lot of the times we can feel like this because we get stuck on the usages of certain words, sentence structures, or grammar.

For this reason, I am sharing one specific area of grammar and the rules of how to use should, would or could.

If you have ever wondered how to use should, could or would or if you are using these correctly then you want to continue listening to today’s episode.

I am sharing how to use should, could and would, when to use them, how to pronounce them naturally, and a free PDF guide that you can download with the explanations and lots of examples.

Check out the latest free guide to accompany this episode here : Your Guide to Using: Should, Would, Could in English 

I am here to help you and guide you through your language learning journey to build your communication skills and help you feel confident, authentic, and powerful when using English.

If you are not feeling like that, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

Times to check out:

(05:12) What are they?

(6:55) How to say them and pronunciation tips

(11:00) The 3 main usages of should

(12:47) Making assertive suggestions

(15:18) Conditional statements and imagined situations

(17:26) Asking questions politely

(20:12) Talking about possibility

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