If you have had an interview in English before – you’ve probably been asked this question. How do you handle challenging situations?

Coming up with an answer for a situational question can be tricky. Do you describe the situation in lots of detail or focus on the results? What situation should I even talk about?

Whether you have had interviews in the past and struggled to answer this question or you are preparing for your first interview in English and want to be ready, you’ll find today’s episode very helpful.

I am also sharing a free PDF Comprehensive resource guide to Answering the Interview Question: How Do You Handle Challenging Situations

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Times to check out:

(3:15) Different ways you might be asked this question

(4:57) Where do I even start with a question like this?!

(7:43) What a full answer could sound like using the framework

(8:53) Phrases to introduce the situation

(10:03) Phrases to describe the task

(10:45) Phrases to describe the action

(11:16) Phrases to describe the result

(11:55) Challenging situations in Design and Tech

(14:44) The most important thing to remember

(16:19) To share or not to share?

(18:22) But I don’t see anything as a challenge…

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