Living and working abroad is a unique experience that shapes who we are and enriches our lives.

Today I am interviewing Laura Nicole Brown, founder of Inspiratti, an innovative branding agency that helps businesses to discover their unique differentiation, story and position so they can uncover a brand identity and visual style that perfectly reflects them and resonates with their target audience. Inspiratti also creates websites and other digital assets that embody this identity to attract, engage and move their ideal customer to action. Laura shares her experience of living and working across three continents and her experience in multiple industries.

We discuss how you can get clients on the same page by setting clear boundaries and expectations, the unspoken rules of working in the UK and dealing with Brits and some of the shocks and challenges that come with living and working abroad in technical industries, as a visual designer, and a business owner.

Times to check out:

(2:36) Living and working across three continents

(9:40) Adapting to working in multiple technical industries

(12:32) Culture shock working internationally

(14:01) It’s illegal to do what in Singapore?!

(17:02) Running an international business while living in Argentina

(19:38) Our experience of switching languages

(24:54) Experiencing reverse culture shock in the UK

(28:03) The unspoken rules of working in the UK

(32:25) Building relationships with Brits – we are more social than you think!

(40:20) Challenges working as a designer

(43:33) Managing client expectations and boundaries

(52:44) Design unicorn or Design specialist?

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