Not only do first impressions count… they last. We only get one chance to make a great first impression. According to research that window is very small and most people will make an initial judgement of someone within 7 seconds.

We observe people’s facial expressions, their voice and tone, their posture, how they dress, their enthusiasm, how distracted or interested they are, and how they might interaction with others. The details that someone takes in about you all factor into how you are perceived and the overall impression that you give.

In this week’s episode I am sharing 5 ways to make a great first impression.

Times to check out:

(2:12) We don’t mean to judge, but we do.

(4:15) She kept me waiting, but she wasn’t late.

(8:03) It all counts.

(11:23) You do not want to do this in the UK

(14:21) Why being yourself is all that you can do…

(16:08) Do you really care about them?

(19:56) It’s how you make them feel.





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